Creativity is like a genetic addiction.  For years, I satisfied that addiction by putting my hands to work at creative careers – boatbuilding, furniture making, faux painting, etc… Now, as an artist, I find myself referencing the skills of my previous careers all the time.

I believe beauty and functionality compliment each other, so I strive to satisfy aesthetic, tactile and practical sensibilities in all my work.  I lean toward natural colors, textures, and forms, and my wheel-thrown work is often inspired by natural or exotic settings.  The end results are unique pieces that convey a sense of the settings that inspired them.

My sculptural work is generally figurative with a realistic bent.  I try to present one simple idea at a time, and use the emotional language of our anatomy to express that idea.  Art is (among other things) a communication between artist and audience, and to me, figurative art is a sublime language we can all understand.

As an artist, it’s a thrill to have others realize the original intent of my artwork.